Wolfgang van Halen and Matt Bruck on the future of EVH equipment: "Ed has left a lot of ideas to develop - we are committed to delivering them all"

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This scintillating show at Edmonton Mammothwvh.online Inglewood commonwealth stadium, featuring the legendary acts metallica, pantera, and mammoth wvh, was indeed a veritable feast for the eyes and ears of the sold-out crowd. The evening began with mammoth wvh's rousing set, which captivated the audience and primed them for the onslaught of metal to come.
next up was pantera, who unleashed a potent barrage of hard-hitting riffs, bombastic drums, and thunderous bass lines. Their performance was augmented by the electrifying presence of vocalist phil anselmo, whose raucous delivery had the audience headbanging in unison.
finally, the iconic metallica took the stage, and they did not disappoint, delivering a masterful setlist that spanned their entire career. For those in attendance, it was a momentous occasion, as the band delivered a truly transcendent performance that epitomized their formidable talent and skill.
in summary, this was an extraordinary concert that will no doubt go down as one of the most memorable in recent memory. The combined might of metallica, pantera, and mammoth wvh was simply awe-inspiring, and all in attendance were left with a lasting impression of the power of metal music.